Linh My Truong

Winter Circle

An interactive installation with suminagashi videos projection mapped onto quilted silk. Touching three different embroidered conductive thread segments activates various video changes/effects through Max/MSP/Jitter and original sound design created on modular synths. With multiple videos at varied lengths, the installation is constantly evolving and never repeats.

Winter Circle is inspired by the hexagon-shaped star constellation with the same name. Suminagashi, the Japanese art of marbling, creates imagery reminiscent of natural phenomena from the grain of wood to the cosmos. With conductive thread as capacitive touch sensors, viewers can interact, change, and disrupt the video collage, simulating the act of suminagashi itself – wherein one stroke of a brush can drastically alter the present and future trajectory of the art.

Light Waves I

Woven EL wire tapestry in a wooden frame with invisible nylon thread. The imagery evokes swooping suminagashi lines of color, and the light sequences are programmed with an arduino at varied intervals to suggest the continuous movement of suminagashi. Waves pulsating at different beats will eventually meet, resulting in a polyrhythmic color & light experience.

About Linh My Truong

Linh My Truong is an interdisciplinary artist and educator working with textiles, ceramics, metal, and electronics. Through her exploration of the Japanese marbling art of suminagashi and her penchant for hard geometric forms, her work finds a place between chaos theory and an ordered universe. Her application of technology allows for the usage of light to create immersive art installations, bringing traditional art forms into the 21st century.

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