Martha Skou

For the Loop: Textile, Machine, & Computation Exhibition, Martha Skou performed Core-Core #5

Core-Core #5 from Martha Skou on Vimeo.

In Core-Core #5, Skou created a graphic notation with dye on cotton textile while simultaneously translating it into sound. The performance was live streamed from a workspace in Copenhagen and she was be accompanied by Chilean artist and lap steel player Tan Vargas.

Encouraging risk-taking, spontaneity and playfulness, the performance is centered around her exploration of creating image and sound simultaneously, while examining intuitive methods for improvised collaborations across genres.

Martha Skou is a Danish-born artist based between Copenhagen and New York City. She is an interdisciplinary artist who moves freely between audible and visual worlds. Both analytical and experimental, her work toys with opposites in color, shape and/or sound. She earned her master’s degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design while at the same time playing with her former band Betting On The Mouse. Her musical interest influences her practice in various ways through experimental sound performances, interactive installations and moving textiles. She has created personal universes surrounding her work both in her collaborations and solo projects.

Her language is abstract and atmospheric, with compositions in spatial formats as well as two-dimensional media. Skou has been accepted to several residencies around the world and have shown work at venues such as The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) NYC, Maison Du Danemark, Paris. Telfair Museums, Savannah and Pioneer Works Center for Art + Innovation in NY among others.