Nicole Yi Messier

Revel Off the Grid

A performative exploration of turning our bodies into systems by hacking radio signals as a form of communication and musical instruments. The final eTextile pieces were a series of wearable AM/FM radios and antennas broadcasting over available stations performed in a small space in a paper mill to replicate living off the grid.

The pieces below are a circular circuit using a 555 timer that acted as a radio transmitter with a wearable sleeve antenna. The design of the antenna was inspired by a normal mode helix design. Both pieces use copper polyester taffeta on cotton and nickel/copper ripstop.

This was a project from eTextile Spring Break camp 2018 and developed with the focus group Revel Off The Grid including artist Lara Grant, Afroditi Psarra, Adrian Freed, Sam Toply, and myself.

Intimate Interactions: Fabric RFID Systems 

An ongoing practice of research that explores fabric RFID systems in order to subvert the everyday use of this ubiquitous technology to create crafted and wearable objects.

About Nicole Yi Messier

Nicole Yi Messier is a multidisciplinary artist and engineer who creates experiences and installations across physical and digital platforms that focus on materiality, storytelling, and surprise. Her process includes exploring the intersection of textiles and technology through research, making, and community collaboration. Her most recent work includes ongoing research of soft RFID systems and community organization of a residency program, eTextile Spring Break. Her work has been shown at the Tangible Embedded and Embodied Interaction conference, the Wassaic Project, Maker Faire, SXSWEdu, The Contours of Algorithmic Life, and at Harvestworks.

Messier also teaches creative coding and design entrepreneurship at Parsons School of Design. She has taught creative coding, prototyping, and design workshops to a variety of audiences including NASA Space Apps Challenge and Tangible Embedded and Embodied Interaction conference.